Upcoming Events

8 March, 6:30pm@Greengrass Café – Marshall for Council Kick-off & Meet the Candidate

13 March, 6pm@Unitarian Universalist – Weigent-Hogan Candidate Forum (D4, D7, D8)

15 March, 6:30pm@City Hall – City Pool Committee Meeting

16 March, 5:30pm@Black River Beach Community Center – Board of Park Commissioners
7pm@Black River Beach Community Center – Mayoral Forum

18 March, 6-10 pm Postcards & Pizza at Marshall/Hay Residence

21 March, 7pm@Myrick Center – GENA Candidate Forum (D3, D4, D5)

22 March, 7pm@Emerson Elementary – La Crosse School District Candidate Forum

25 March, 8-9am and 2-3pm@Greengrass Cafe – GENA 3rd Space Meet-up/ride to Mayor’s Neighborhood Expo
9-2pm@Convention Center – Mayor’s Neighborhood Expo

27 March, 6pm@First Congregational – Bluffside Forum (D4)

30 March, 7-10pm@Bluffside Tavern, Meet the Candidate

1 April, 8am-9:30am@Global Grounds, Meet the Candidate