Platform for David D. Marshall
District 4, City Council Member Candidate

Public Safety and Security

Municipal government is charged with the security of its residents. Protection from harm is the number one priority. La Crosse’s rise in criminal activities related to heroin and methamphetamines requires vigilance and support for the brave men and women who perform the public safety functions that keep us safe. Similarly, we need leadership committed to safeguards that better protect pedestrians and cyclists, as well as motorists. I fully support the City of La Crosse Transportation Vision and the means of addressing traffic flow and safety enhancements through careful planning, community input, and the wise fiscal use of innovative improvements.


Track Record of Service

I know what it means to be a part of a team dedicated to the service of others. As a member of the military for 34 years, a former municipal police officer, and having served in the mayor’s office as the Senior Budget and Policy Manager for the City of Atlanta, I understand the importance of working with city residents in furthering the work that is required of a member of the City Council. I bring experience on how to combine the best evidence-based, proven analytics and practices with the creative and inspired input of its residents – because being a municipal public servant, spending your precious tax dollars, demands it.


Representing You, Day One

I have seen how municipal government has the best chance of any level of democratic representation to meet the needs of its people. In light of the increased size of each council district, neighborhood associations are essential to representing the greatest number of residents and converting limited resources to meaningful economic and social benefits. Effective engagement of neighbors and the community happens only when the fundamentals of a democracy are upheld. As your representative, I will work tirelessly on the accountability of three essential principles that Government should be transparent, participatory and collaborative.